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Därk Resölve

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Welcome to our casual guild website.  Included here is everything you need to know about what is unique about us; meaning, what makes us different and better than other guilds.  We all want to have fun, have all been around the block in this game for years, and want to be successful without drama or selfish people.  We use an Event Totem System which is like DKP in its own unique way.  It simply rewards those who perform based on guild scheduled events and is directly tied to guild ranks.  Unlike some other guilds who base their guild on politics, we are built on dedication, constancy, unselfish support to the guild and overall performance. 

We offer an environment suitable for making friends with common goals.  Feel free to be yourself and bring up any ideas or recommedation you have.  There are no limitations here, requirements, or set rules.  Treat others the way you wish to be treated.

We have no obligations and no demands of our members but in order to help each other it is encouraged to donate.  DKP will be awarded to those who make items needed to advance the guild.  Potions, food, gems, enchants and anything else that will help your fellow DESERVING guildie is here.  
Feel free to bring your alts, friends and stay as long as you wish.

Recruiting additional Guild Members to this website is Easy. Give them the URL to this site and let them know how to apply. Have them CLICK on the link to the left of SIGN-IN that says "NEW MEMBER".  By default, the application process is a very painless process.

<----- DKP and other info is over here in the information box.  Must read.  Feel free to ask any questions.
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August Newsletter

gal1369, Aug 1, 11 12:38 PM.

First, on behanlf of everyone in the guild I would like to say how proud I am to be a part of something (this Guild) that has really sprouted from nothing into a family of friends.  We are on our way to helping dozens of people achieve their goals and have fun.  You have my promise that I will always be dedicated to all of you.  There are just a few things I think we need to work on to take things to the next step.  - Nez

Event Attendance

We wanted to reiterate that the guild prefers for those who wish to raid or PvP with the Guild, to sign up on the calendar and show up 15 minutes prior to the announced event time to secure their position.  In our guild, all regular events begin at 8:00 pm and conclude no later than 10:30 pm.  Those who feel they may not attend an event should choose TENTATIVE, do not sign up or DECLINE an invite altogether. 

Guild DKP

We also assess each person in the guild based on a sort of DKP system, where points are assigned to attendance of Guild events and directly linked to the guild rank system.  DKP also helps secure someone’s raid position.  There may be times when we may be training members in the Guild and will have to swap people out for some bosses.  Many things are taken into account when deciding this but those who are on STANDBYE or who are asked to sit will still earn full DKP just the same.  We want for raid positions to be competitive but not to the point that folks are discouraged.  We intend to rotate people into raids based on their needs and in all fairness to those who sign up.

Guild Loyalty

The guild helps the most loyal members for the better of the guild; to progress.  The goal is to clear the regular raids, experience Firelands and prepare for Shannox, the first real Firelands obstacle.  In time, we will get there but we have to work together and individually for it all to come together.  The entire process should be fun for all, no matter which part you play in that process, it boils down to an environment where we can be proud of our achievements, each other, and the Guild we belong to.  Enjoy. - Nez     

The best way to catch news on the fly is through our Facebook page!

gal1369, Jun 10, 11 11:17 AM.
If you are a member of our Facebook page, you will get periodic guild event updates and posts from guild members only.!/home.php?sk=group_190363844346813

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

gal1369, Jun 10, 11 10:54 AM.
This particular page is also a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of Guild interest!
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